About Us

Financial services in Myanmar are underdeveloped.

According to UNCDF’s Making Access Possible Report (2013), over 70% of Myanmar citizens have no access to formal financial services.

Just 5% of adults have savings accounts with a formal financial institution, while over 32% of the adult population regularly borrow from unregulated moneylenders, who typically charge interest rates of 10 – 20% per month.

DAWN expands the availability of high-quality, affordable and appropriate services for Myanmar’s financially excluded. DAWN provides group-guaranteed loans, interest-bearing savings accounts and financial literacy training to low-income women who own and operate their own businesses.


Our Mission

Provide a wide range of high-quality financial services to the underserved, reaching low-income people, micro entrepreneurs, and small enterprises across Myanmar.

Our Vision

Be the best microfinance institution in Myanmar, improving the lives of the families we serve.

Our Values

Respect, Excellence, Innovation and a Passion for Social Change.

DAWN seeks to expand the availability of high-quality, affordable, and appropriate services for Myanmar’s financially excluded by providing group-guaranteed and individual loans, interest-bearing savings accounts, and financial literacy training, to low-income micro and small business entrepreneurs who own and operate their own businesses.

Eligible borrowers:

  • Own their own business.
  • Have been operating their business for at least one year (for Group Lending).
  • Agree to use the loan proceeds toward a productive use for their business.
  • Demonstrate to a loan officer that their business can support on-time repayment of their loan.
  • Attend three financial literacy training sessions prior to receiving their loan (for Group Lending).
  • Agree to attend bi-weekly group meetings for the duration of their loan term (for Group Lending).
  • Pledge to support their fellow group members to ensure the group repays their loan installments on time (for Group Lending).
A client of DAWN's Mingalar Taung Nyunt branch receives her loan disbursement while her group watches.

Key Operating Statistics:

  • DAWN serves more than 200,000 clients.
  • DAWN has a total outstanding loan portfolio of over 50 billion Myanmar Kyats (nearly 33 million USD).
  • DAWN offers interest-bearing savings accounts.
  • DAWN offers group-guaranteed loans for business investment and seasonal agriculture, and larger individual loans for business owners in select areas of Yangon.
  • DAWN charges 2.5% interest per month on loans and pays 1.25% interest per month on mandatory savings deposits.
  • DAWN has more than 50 branches geographically dispersed across six regions in Myanmar: Yangon, Bago, Mon, Kayin, Magway and Mandalay.