Client Impact Story: How DAWN helps its clients in overcoming enormous obstacles

We are always delighted to see our clients happy. So, we endeavor to provide excellent financial service to women entrepreneurs in all situations in order to help them in achieving their financial and social goals. DAWN develops tailored solutions that create value and deliver a sustainable advantage to the clients through the challenging time, based on a comprehensive analysis of their individual situation. In exchange, we have received client impact stories of how our financial assistance has benefited these women business owners and their families.

Daw Phyu Sin, a 31-year-old group lending client from East Dagon Township, has been with DAWN for over seven years. She is currently receiving a DAWN loan of two million kyats, which she has invested in her own microbusiness, fancy hat manufacturing. Last year, the global pandemic and political upheaval had a significant impact on her and her family, putting them in a difficult situation. During the third wave, her entire family tested positive for COVID-19 and had been suffering from post-COVID syndrome for over a month. 

Her business was also harmed by the political chaos, which resulted in a shortage of raw materials and a rise in the price. “I couldn’t get enough of cloth that I wanted. I temporarily halted operations during a shortfall, and I was unable to meet the deadline for the order,” she explained. “Furthermore, the highly competitive hat market has led to lower final product prices and profits. So, it caused a cash flow bottleneck in my daily operations,” she added.

“Fortunately, DAWN was there for me throughout this tough time,” she remarked. Indeed, DAWN extended the monthly repayment period without charging interest for two months and introduced a new product called “Top-Up Loan for emergency use” to support its clients whose businesses have been badly impacted by this unprecedented situation. DAWN discussed and negotiated the payback amount with us, as well as rescheduling the payment term if necessary,

according to her. She also mentioned that if clients couldn’t make it to the branch, DAWN encouraged them to transfer repayments through DAWN’s business partners – banks and mobile money agents.
“My business has benefited greatly from the low-interest DAWN loan. I’ve been able to increase my investment and smooth out my daily cash flow. So, until the market price is high enough for me to benefit, I can hold the stocks “she clarified “DAWN is aware of our predicament, and we believe in it.” She expressed her gratitude to DAWN for being the best in the market and for helping my small business and family.

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