DAWN’s 7th Anniversary

DAWN’s 7th Anniversary: Celebrating Seven Years of Providing Excellent Services to Our Stakeholders






5 April 2022 – 7 years ago, Early Dawn Microfinance (DAWN), a livelihood program created by Save the Children in 2002, was jointly acquired by Accion, Triodos, and FMO to establish DAWN as a premier MFI in Myanmar. We now have 68 branches across Myanmar, providing our valued clients with superior financial services to help them achieve their financial and social goals. Despite experiencing numerous hurdles such as a global epidemic and political turmoil, DAWN was proud to celebrate its seven-year anniversary last Month, March 2022.






We have grown and evolved since the beginning, but some things never changed. Our core values – respect, excellent, innovation and passion for social change, still underpin the way we do business today. And also, we has committed to client protection principles and employed a client-centric approach in order to preserve the well-being of our clients. Throughout the years, our innovative spirit and adaptability has driven us to use challenges as new opportunities and seek possibilities in our context, aiming to grow DAWN as a purposeful brand.






A milestone like a 7th birthday allows us to reflect on our values, achievements, memories, and defining moments. We are thankful to our clients, shareholders, employees, and partners who have helped DAWN succeed over the last seven years. We are looking forward to new innovations, passion, commitment, and teamwork to fuel our goal of being DAWN as a leading financial institution that deliver excellent services to create sustainable benefits for key stakeholders and society.

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