Our staff and clients are priority #1

With the rapid escalation of COVID-19 cases in Myanmar in recent weeks, DAWN is stepping up its ongoing efforts to ensure the health and safety of staff and clients. Currently our branches are continuing to provide essential financial services to our clients, while complying with government instructions and maintaining the necessary preventive measures, including:
  • Cleaning on regular basis the areas of frequent contact such as door handles, seats, cash counters and public restroom while providing hand washing facilities for clients at branches.
  • Ensuring adequate supply of masks, hand soap and hand sanitizer are available to all staff to protect themselves and valued clients.
  • Consistently educating clients and staff about the importance of following advice from public health experts (WHO, MOHS) and practicing good hygiene while placing COVID-19 precautions posters at branches.
  • Implementing measures to enforce physical distancing not only at the workplace, but also in providing services to clients.
DAWN is actively monitoring the situation to take any necessary actions in a timely manner and will continue to fully cooperate with authorities.
To all our valued clients, partners and friends: take care and stay safe!
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