DAWN’s 8th Anniversary

17 March 2023 – 8th Years Anniversary of Early Dawn Microfinance celebration was held in Yangon Head Office on March 17th 2023.

DAWN’s BOD members, CEO, CFO and COO express their join and pride for DAWN’s 8th Years Anniversary, recognized and congratulated all those who work with DAWN throughout the difficult time together. Despite many changes and challenges in the past year, DAWN will continue to provide additional services and support for the recovery of our customers’ businesses. Next years, let’s continue to work together to provide better service and DAWN will be even more successful. Then cut and shared the cake to commemorate the 8th Anniversary. With the thanks and honor to all the employees, T-Shirt, drinks and snacks were served, playing games, awarding price and taking group photo together. DAWN’s Microfinance 8th Anniversary were organized together in all branches throughout Myanmar this week and the photo was shared in honor.

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