DAWN Voluntary Savings Account Opening Form

Please provide the following information if you would like to open a voluntary savings account. If you need assistance, please call the Customer Care Hotline at 09444555542.
Depositor’s personal information

Source of Funds (Self Declaration)
As part of your documentary requirements to open the savings account, I understand that I am required to declare the source of the funds that I will be depositing into the account including future deposits whether in cash, cheque, or any other method. Accordingly, I wish to declare as follows:
I further confirm that these funds are derived from legitimate sources as stated above and that I will also provide the required evidence of the source of funds if required to do so in future. I declare the foregoing details to be true.

The current voluntary savings interest rate is 14 % per annum.
Designated Beneficiary (Must be 18 Years Old and above)
Thank you so much for your information. DAWN will not share your personal information with other individuals or organizations without your permission under any circumstances, except when applicable by law.
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