Founded with a social mission. Driven by vision. DAWN celebrates 5 years of advancing financial inclusion in Myanmar

Vowing to continue with the mission of advancing financial inclusion in Myanmar, DAWN is celebrating its 5th year anniversary today in 2020.

DAWN is driven by our vision to be the best microfinance institution in Myanmar, improving the lives of families we serve. With over 60 branches across Myanmar, DAWN provides a wide range of high-quality financial services to over 250,000 clients, including women micro-entrepreneurs and small enterprises, while helping them to meet both financial and social goals.

These goals are challenging, and we’ll need ongoing passion and commitment to achieve them.
But this passion and commitment aren’t new for us. These ideals were there at our formation in 2002, when DAWN was a livelihood program of Save the Children and began providing loans to low-income women in the peri-urban areas of Yangon. And in 2015, when DAWN transformed into an independent financial institution with new shareholders: Accion International; FMO, the Dutch development bank; and Triodos Investment Management.

We have come a long way since then, becoming one of Myanmar’s leading microfinance institutions in five short years. We would like to celebrate this success by honoring all of our employees, our clients, our shareholders, our partners and government regulators who have helped and supported us to make this feat possible.

DAWN’s 5th Year Anniversary is an opportunity to recollect our memories from the past five years, our milestones and achievements, and cherish them again. Congratulations to everyone for your contributions to DAWN’s success!

So to mark our birthday, we’re sharing the story from our last five years of history.

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